October – November (2020)


How did the people live many many years ago? We believe that when you visit the Maasai or other tribes in Africa, you will still come close to experiencing this. When we were in Mto wa Mbu, we started talking to one of the other customers, who turned out to be a local guide for cyling tours. He mentioned that he could actually take us to one of the Maasai Boma a bit further from the main road. As these families are not often visited by tourists and you will get a more traditional experience.


While walking around he talked about climbing Ol Doinyo Lengai. Our guide metioned that it is fairly easy and the view from up there is beautiful. During dinner the night before at the Maasai Giraffe campsite, we talked to a group of mountaineers from Austria who would go up the mountain that night. Of course the idea of climbing Ol Doinyo Lengai started to play in my head immediately. We had so much fun on the Kili and it was so easy. Why not go for another summit.


After climbing the Kilimanjaro and cycling from Moshi to Mto wa Mbu, Franklin was ready for a day of nothing. Just relaxing and reading a book. But I cannot sit still for too long, so we decided to meet in the middle and go on a little adventure. The idea: cycling from Lake Manyara to Lake Natron in one day. After asking around in the town if this was a feasible plan, we got the impression that we could make it, but that it would not be an easy ride.
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